Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cookie Monster Cake

We've now celebrated our second birthday in two weeks!  I went with a Cookie Monster cake since I have my own little Cookie Monster.  He thought it was so fun!!

I loved how easy it was.

All I did was stack two 9-inch round cakes.  With my Wilton 1M star tip, I piped the blue frosting all over the top and sides of the cake.

I piped the eyes with cream cheese frosting and the pupils with black frosting.  And finally, I cut a slit at an angle to press the cookies into for his mouth.

EASY!!!  And my little guy loved it!

Just one more cake to go for next week.  Stay tuned!


Edimommy said...

This is too cute! My son's second birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of doing a similar elmo cake. I just love how you put the cookies in his mouth!

Hannah said...

Thank you, Edimommy! I'll bet an Elmo cake like this would be DARLING!! Thanks for commenting!

aaaa said...

Hi there! I am looking to recreate this for a birthday next week! Did you cut the slit for the mouth cookies through the frosting? or did you not frost there and then fill it in? I don't want to mess up :)

Hannah said...

I did cut the mouth at a slant through the frosting, then pressed the cookies in. Nice and easy! Good luck! I'm sure it will turn out great!!

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