Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheese & Tomato Sandwiches

Wowie, it's been a while! I'm so sorry for the absence. Life has just been CRAZY with four little kids. And I know that it won't be letting up, so I will do my best to post new recipes, but I can't make any promises. Though I have a TON of recipes just waiting to be posted!

The first recipe for today is a very simple sandwich that my family, growing up, ate frequently. Quick and easy - LOVE IT!

Here's what you'll need:

sliced bread
favorite cheese
Miracle Whip or Mayo
thickly sliced tomatoes

Place your bread on a baking sheet. Top it with your favorite cheese. Broil it in the oven just until the cheese melts (only a couple of minutes). Take it out and slather with Miracle Whip or mayo. Then top with tomato slices and enjoy!

How easy is that?! Yummy!!!

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B.Borresen said...

It was late, we were looking for something quick and easy to make. I decided to try this one out. We added a few slices of black forest ham, altogether prep time and cooking time was about 10 minutes. They turned out so yummy! We plan on trying out more of your recipes, everything looks so delicious! Thanks for posting them!!

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