Friday, October 31, 2008

Bread & Milk

One of the things I grew up on, that other people find as disgusting, was bread and milk. I'm not quite sure what the origins of this concoction are, but I like to think that it comes from hundreds of years ago, back when this nation was being settled and even earlier! But now-a-days, it's not something people eat - except for people in my family. We LOVE it!!

It's basically like cold cereal, only you use homemade bread instead of cereal. And there are different ways to eat it. Many in my family like it with honey drizzled over. Others like it with strawberry jam dabbed on. And some of us like it with honey or jam AND cheese broken into it.

This recipe isn't something I expect many people to be interested in trying, but it's one of my favorite meals and I wanted to add this to my collection of favorite recipes.

Here's what you'll need:
Two slices of homemade bread (only homemade - NOT store bought)
Two slices of cheese
Honey or Jam
All you'll need to do is break up the bread into bite-sized pieces. Do the same with the cheese. Then drizzle honey over everything or drop little dabs of jam on the broken bread and cheese. Finally pour milk over it all, like cold cereal, and enjoy!


Robinson Roost said...

Bread and milk was a staple at our house growing up. My dad put his bread in a glass and poured milk over it. I am actually a milk toast fan. There is something to be said about the butter and warm milk. Umm.

VALERIE said...

My family did that to. We put sugar and cinnamon on the bread and milk, no cheese. When it was my dads turn to cook that is what we had. It was yummy.

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