Monday, March 18, 2013

Rainbow Dash Rainbow Party

We just celebrated a birthday at our house.  When my daughter and I were searching for birthday ideas, we absolutely fell in love with Kelly's daughter's party over at Here Comes the Sun.  My little girl LOVES My Little Ponies and I loved all of the rainbow colors.

Once we put everything together, I may have been even more excited than my little Brynnlee.

Wonderful Kelly did the banners and printables for me.  LOVED them!!

My older daughter made these rainbow fruit kabobs while I made the rainbow dipped marshmallows.

And then there was the cake.

I loved it.
She loved it.
Her friends loved it.
It was awesome.

How's that for a teaser?  I'll be posting how to make this super fun cake later this week.

The party turned out to be perfect. Good food, fun kids, great time.



Tiffanie and John said...

I love this idea. I really want to try this for one of my daughters.

Kelly @ Here Comes the Sun said...

It looks great! I love the cake!

Hannah said...

All thanks to you, Kelly!

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