Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sliced Baked Potatoes

Living in Idaho and having in-laws who own a potato farm, I have lots of opportunities to use potatoes in my cooking.  

Just last week, my in-laws finished harvesting all of their potatoes, a mighty feat every year!  It sounds like this year they were very happy with how they turned out too.  

My kids got to go and help with the harvest a few times and each time they brought home some real treasures.

Look at these spuds!!!  They're both over 8 inches long!

So in celebration of a great harvest, I'm posting a way to use the wonderful potato.  Today's recipe is a very simple, yet very elegant way to use potatoes.  And there's hardly a "recipe" for it; just make it to how you would like it.  Pretty easy.

Here's what you'll need:

Russet potatoes (however many you want)
Olive oil
Melted butter
Salt (table salt and/or course sea salt)

Clean each potato and let dry completely.  Slice each potato into thin slices, but don't cut completely through the potato.  You'll want the bottom of the potato to stay in tact.  Place on a baking sheet and brush with melted butter, then drizzle with oil, and finally season with salt and pepper.

 Bake at 400 degrees for approximately 40 minutes, or until the potatoes are completely cooked through and tender.
So easy and such a beautiful presentation!  You can serve them as is or top with a dollop of sour cream, chopped bacon, and sliced green onions.  Enjoy!!


Doran & Jody said...

Oh slurp! I LOVE toepatoes!

Hannah said...

Hahaha! I'm going to have to start calling them that! Thanks for the giggle, Doran & Jody!!

Stephani Cochran said...

I just cooked these last night and I hadn't even seen this post! I got the recipe off of Pinterest, and they were great! My potatoes weren't that big though! Wow!

Leia said...

Oh my, those look so good. I'm such a big potato fan, and those sound so easy. Going on the menu for sure!

Wife of Zed said...

I am using your recipe and making these right now! Thanks for sharing!

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