Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pie Heaven!!!

The last time I posted, I mentioned that I was busy preparing for a food demonstration. Well, I have to say that it went over SO well! It was tons of fun and everyone LOVED it. They were all so surprised at how easy making pies really can be. I think the biggest compliment was when ladies asked me to make pies for their Thanksgiving celebrations! It was so much fun.

So in today’s post, I’m giving you all three recipes I used for my demonstrations. But first, a little info on these recipes...

In preparing my menu of desserts to make for a possible local restaraunt, I had several months that I hosted taste-testings, where I made several recipes of one thing, like pumpkin pie, for people to taste test and take a survey on which one was the best one.

Well, for both of these pie recipes, they are the winners of my taste-testings in their respective categories. The nice thing about these pies is that all you have to do to make them is toss the ingredients together, mix it up, and pour it into a prepared, unbaked, pie crust. Pies really don't get much easier than this! And to make them come together in a flash, pre-measure all of your ingredients. It really saves on time!!

Another tip: ALWAYS make these pies a day before you plan to serve them. That way, they have plenty of time to set up and the flavors really get a chance to blend together. It's also nice to have them done a day in advance so that you can focus on other things they day you plan to serve them!

O.k., enough explaining!! Read on for the recipes...

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